Moroccan hammam
1h 30 min/
1h 50 min
for 1 guest 2500 UAH/
for 2 guests 3700 UAH
Hammam with white clay and pepper essential oil
1h 30 min/
1h 50 min
for 1 guest 2800 UAH/
for 2 guests 4500 UAH
On the coasts of the Dead Sea 1h 30 min/
1h 50 min
for 1 guest 2500 UAH/
for 2 guests 3700 UAH
SPA-TRIP1h 30 min/
1h 30 min
for 1 guest 2400 UAH/
for 2 guests 3600 UAH
Rose garden
1h 30 min/
1h 30 min
for 1 guest 2800 UAH/
for 2 guests 4500 UAH
SPA Wine Therapy1h 50 minfor 1 guest 3500 UAH
Japanese SPA hair care deep recovery20 min 450 UAH
Candle aroma massage
1h 30 min1800 UAH
Aroma Lux massage YON-KA TAIGA1h 30 min/2500 UAH
Chakra massage with hot stones
1h 30 min1800 UAH
Anticellulite massage
1h/1h 30 min/2h1200 /1500 /1800 UAH
Classic massage
1h/1h 30 min/2h1200 /1500 /1800 UAH
Sports massage
1h/1h 30 min/2h1200 /1500 /1800 UAH
Lymphatic drainage massage
1h/1h 30 min/2h1200 /1500 /1800 UAH
Japanese oil massage
1h/1h 30 min/2h1800 /2000 /2200 UAH
Massage for pregnant women
1h/1h 30 min/2h1350 /1650/1900 UAH
Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui
1h 30 min/2h2000 /2200 UAH
Thai massage 1h /1h 30min/ 2h 1350 /1650 /2000 UAH
Head and face massage
30 min/1h600 /1200 UAH
Foot massage
30 min650 UAH
Japanese anti-cellulite body care
1h 30 min2000 UAH
Heat-cold remodeling fitness treatment BODY WOD
2 h2300 UAH
Modeling body care SOY SOY GERARDS
2 h2200 UAH
Anti-cellulite lifting wrap with seaweed
1h 15 min1900 UAH
Scrub and wrap – deep moisturizing
1h 15 min1500 UAH
Japanese express facial treatment35 min800 UAH
Faith modeling facial massage with Japanese oil
1h2000 UAH
Lifting face massage with alginal mask
1h 15 min1450 UAH
FAITH NIPS deep Japanese massage 1h 15 min2000 UAH
Deep moisturizing of the face and décolleté area with Japanese cosmetics
1h 15 min2000 UAH
Japanese treatment for a radiant skin
1h2000 UAH
Lifting facial treatment SOY SOY GERARDS
1h 15 min2000 UAH
Buccal facial massage
1h 15 min1500 UAH
Anti Aging facial care 1h 30 min2500 UAH
Manicure for women
1h350 UAH
Manicure for men
1h400 UAH
Pedicure for women1h750 UAH
Pedicure for men
1h 30 min800 UAH
Removing the gel polish
30 min100 UAH
Removing the gel nails30 min400 UAH
Coating gel polish
30 min450 UAH
French nails design30-44 min550 UAH
Spa care
20 min400 UAH
10 min200 UAH
Working with cracks40 min250 UAH
Coating with medicative nail polish10 min150 UAH
Corn removal20 min200 UAH
Working with an ingrown nail40 min250 UAH
Prosthetics of the nail40 min450 UAH
Bikini light40 min800 UAH
Brazilian bikini50 min1200 UAH
Legs to the knee/full30 min/50 min650/800 UAH
Arms to the elbow/full30 min/50 min250/350 UAH
Underarms15 min250 UAH
Face15 min250 UAH
Yoga1h/1h 30 min1200/1500 UAH
Full Update program2h 30 min3600 UAH
Individual body shaping program
for free