Atraumatic face cleansing DMK + Anti Age enzyme therapy with active vitamin C2500 UAH instead of 3600 UAH
Peeling BioRePeelcourse of 4 peeling6900 UAH instead 7600 грн
Facial massage. Moisturizing care for each massage as a GIFT
course of 5 massages7500 UAH
Fit Yoga1h1 000 UAH
Individual body care program drawing up
Course of body massage
Massage for a choice: classic, sports, anti cellulite, lymph drainage massage
Book 5 massages +1 massage as a gift
1h/1h 30 min/2h
6 000/7 500/10 000 UAH
Body correction. Basic program
8 rituals9 000 UAH
Body correction. Standard program
10 rituals14 900 UAH
Body correction. Premium program
15 rituals26 900 UAH
Мaroccan Hammam Ritua90 min2700 uah
Maroccan Hammam Ritual for Two110 min3 900 uah
Turkish Hammam Ritual90 min2 700 uah
Turkish Hammam Ritual for Two110 min3 900 uah
Rose Garden Ritual for Two90 min2800 uah
Rose Garden Ritual for Two110 min4500 uah
Hammam With White Clay And Pepper Essential Oil Ritual90 min3 200 uah
Hammam With White Clay And Pepper Essential Oil Ritual for Two110 min4 900 uah
On the Coasts the Dead Sea Ritual90 min2 700 uah
On the Coasts the Dead Sea Ritual for Two110 min3 900 uah
Tasmanian Hammam Ritual – Eucalyptus Tree 90 min2 700 uah
Tasmanian Hammam Ritual – Eucalyptus Tree for Two110 min3 900 uah
Additional Service for Spa: Spa Hair Care30 min700 uah
Relaxing Aroma Lux Massage with the Yon-Ka Taiga Candle90 min2500 uah
Classic Massage60 min/90 min1500 uah/1800 uah
Structural And Muscle Massage60 min/90 min1500 uah/1800 uah
Lymph Drainage Massage60 min/90 min1500 uah/1800 uah
Anticellulite Massage60 min/90 min1700 uah/2000 uah
Classic Massage with a Candle60 min/90 min1800 uah/2000 uah
Relaxing Massage with the Alqvimia Essential Oil60 min/90 min1800 uah/2000 uah
Hot Stones Chacra Massage - Stone Therapy90 min2000 uah
Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Nui Massage90 min/120 min2000 uah/2200 uah
Massage with the Bamboo Sticks60 min/90 min1700 uah/2000 uah
Modeling Massage with the Soy-Soy Care120 min2700 uah
Anti-Age Therapy Alqvimia Massage90 min2500 UAH
Additional Serves Massages:30 min700 UAH
Additional Serves Massages: Feet Massage30 min600 UAH
Additional Serves Massages: Head Massage
Traditional Thai massage 90 min/120 min1800/2100 uah
Aroma Thai Massage60 min/90 min/120 min1500/1800/2200 uah
Anti-stress Thai massage90 min/120 min1800/2200 uah
Reflexive Feet Massage60 min1500 uah
Thai Head Massage45 min1000 uah
Remodeling Care Body Wod. Gerards90 min2600 uah
Lymph Drainage Wraping. Alqvimia
75 min2200 uah
Complex treatment with Dead Sea minerals. Alqvimia90 min2900 uah
Restorative Care Firming. Bruno Vassari90 min2500 uah
Thermo Detox. Bruno Vassari75 min2200 uah
Cryotherapy Care. Bruno Vassar75 min2200 uah
Tuscany anti-cellulite treatment. Bruno vassari75 min2500 uah
Scrubbing and moisturizing. Gerards75 min1500 uah
Modeling Massage45 min1500 uah
Lymph Drainage Massage45 min1500 uah
Lifting Massage45 min1500 uah
Neuro-Sedative Massage45 min1500 uah
Buccal Massage45 min1500 uah
DMK Ezynmotherapy90 min2800 uah
DMK Atraumatic Face Cleaning90 min2600 uah
DMK Complex Enzymes Anti-Age Care90 min2700 uah
DMK Alcaine Peeling 75 min1800 uah
Bio Organic Rejuvenation and Detox. Nelly De Vuyst60 min2500 uah
Bio Medical for Oily skin/acne. Nelly De Vuyst60 min2300 uah
Anti-age therapy. Alqvimia60 min2500 uah
Fast Beauty Mask Care. Alqvimia45 min1600uah
BioRePeel – allseason peeling30 min1800 uah
Additional service:Manual Cleaning.30 min700 uah
Additional service:Manual Cleaning60 min1200 uah
Additional service:Fibromax Vitamin C DMK10 min500 uah
Female Manicure60 min400 uah
Male Manicure60 min400 uah
Female Pedicure60 min800 uah
Male Pedicure90 min800 uah
UV Gel Overlay30 min500 uah
French Overlay45 min600 uah
Gel Polish Removing30 min200 uah
Acrylic Nails Removing30 min400 uah
Spa care
20 min400 uah
10 min200 uah
Cracks Treatment40 min300 uah
Cure Lacquer Overlay10 min200 uah
Deep Corn Removing20 min200 uah
Ingrown Nail Treatment 40 min300 uah
Nail Prosthetics40 min500 uah
Leg Waxing Up to the Knee Sugaring/Honey25 min700 uah
Full Leg Waxing Sugaring/Honey40 min800 uah
Bikini Zone Light Waxing Sugaring/Honey40 min800 uah
Brazilian Waxing Sugaring/Honey50 min1200 uah
Additional service: Face Waxing Sugaring/Honey10 min300 uah
Additional service: Armpits Waxing Sugaring/Honey10 min300uah
Additional service: Hand Waxing Sugaring/Honey30 min400 uah